Architect Price Guide

If you’re thinking about hiring an architect for your project, a big factor impacting your decision will be cost. There are different levels of service that an architect can provide, so you’ll need to factor that in to your budget. We’ve put together this price guide to help you work out how much you should spend on an architect.

General advice

Do your research

Do some research on what you need an architect for. You could hire an architect to design a building, just the interior of your home or to oversee your entire project. Of course, there will be a variance in price between the different services.

Set a budget

Work out how much money you can realistically spend. Set a budget for your project and try to stick to it. Most architects will work on a fee basis, taking a percentage of the total project cost, so try to work out how much you will spend on your building project and what percentage of this you can afford to spend on an architect.


As mentioned above, architects usually work on a percentage fee basis. Every architect is different, but typical costs are as follows:

Type of architect service Approx. cost
Building design 2-5% of the construction cost
Interior design 2-5% of the construction cost
Residential project management 10% of the construction cost
Commercial project management 2-12% of the construction cost

The best thing to do to get the best price for an architect is to get a range of quotes. Every architect should be able to detail what is included in their services and offer you a breakdown of the cost.

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