Architect Project Timeline

If you opt to hire an architect to help you with home improvement work, it’s handy to know how long it’s likely to take. Then you can plan your architect project and make sure it doesn’t conflict with anything else going on in your home.

Architect projects can vary in length depending on the property, professional and type of work. To give you a general idea of how long your architect project might take, we’ve put together a typical timeline.

How long will an architect project take?

Research: 1 week

It’s very important to find an architect who understands your needs and does quality work. This is why you should spend plenty of time looking for architects in your area, reading any customer reviews they have and asking them for quotes. Make sure you contact plenty of architects to ensure you keep your options open.

Once you’ve got several quotes, compare them and weigh up the pros and cons of each architect. Avoid hiring anyone who offers surprisingly high or low prices, they’re probably not offering the service you want.

Consultation: less than 1 day

Once you’ve hired an architect, the first thing they’ll probably want to do is have an in-depth consultation with you about what you want. For this to be effective, it should involve a site visit. How long this consultation takes will depend on the size of your project, but it shouldn’t take more than 1 day.

Producing plans and designs: 1-5 months

Whether you’ve hired your architect to do building design, project management or interior design, their next step will be to produce plans and designs. How long this takes will vary significantly according to the size of your project but it’ll probably take around 1-5 months.

Getting statutory consent and managing contractors: 2 months +

If you’ve hired your architect to manage your building project then they’ll also manage your applications for statutory consent and contractors. This means that they’ll ensure your project adheres to planning rules and building regulations and will liaise with all the tradespeople you need for the job.

Again, it’s tricky to say how long this part of your architect project will take as it ultimately depends on the scale of the job. It’s unlikely to take less than 2 months and will probably go on for significantly longer.

Total time: 2 months +

So your architect project could take as little as 2 months but will probably take significantly longer. To get a more accurate idea of how long the project will take, ask your architect to draw up a work schedule.