Top Tips for Finding an Architect

When you’re looking for an architect, it can be difficult to know where to look to ensure you find a reputable one.

But finding an architect doesn’t have to be hard. As long as you know where to look, you can source an architect that is reliable and well-experienced for a good price.

We’ve put together our tips on where to find an architect so you won’t get stung by some of the rogue traders out there.

From friends or family

Friends, family or neighbours are a great place to start in finding an architect. A recommendation is great as you know that the work that the architect did for your friend or relative was of a good standard.

The Architects Registration Board

The Architects Registration Board, or ARB, is the government register for the architects’ profession. It is illegal to practice as an architect if you’re not on the ARB’s list of registrants.

You could use the ARB’s search function to find an architect, but you could also check the details of an architect you’ve found to check that they are registered.
finding an architect looking at plans

The Royal Institute of British Architects

The Royal Institute of British Architects, or RIBA, is a voluntary trade association for architects. If an architect is a member, they can call themselves a chartered architect. They have to adhere to specific standards to be members, so you can trust architects that are members of RIBA.

Look for signs outside houses

Architects often put signs outside houses that they’re working on, so you could get in touch with an architect this way. But exercise caution – check that they are on the ARB register and ask for references.

Other tips for when you’re finding an architect

Choose the right kind of architect for your needs

Like other tradespeople, architects specialise in different areas. That means that you should choose an architect that specialises in what you want them to do.
finding an architect couple with plansFor example, if you’re looking for a modern design, don’t hire an architect that is more traditional.

Outline your budget

If you tell the architect what your budget is from the start, they will be able to give you a quote that is suited to your needs. You’re more likely to have a better relationship with your architect if you communicate with them.

Ask them about their fees

Architects’ costs are not all the same. Be upfront and ask the architect about these costs – they may charge hourly flat fees or take percentages. If your job is large, they may also ask for a deposit to cover the initial design work.

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Emily Rivers

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